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Mr. Tran, Program Director

It is the most important responsibility and highest duty to safely protect our clients

through meticulous defensive driving concepts, rules, and procedures.

No shortcuts or exceptions. This sole purpose is our dedicated discipline.


No advertisements. No online reviews. Client-based respect and stunning results.


California Law

Minors must do 6 hours training: immediately or accordingly, 2 hours per session.

Pick-up and drop-off service, conducted in our student-driver standard safety vehicle.

Receive the DMV completion certificate and take the drive test with us or a parent.


Training by a Pro. Certified CA State Traffic-Safety Expert.                      

Standard Training Program $750. Six hours. $250 payments. (3 days total.)

Special Training Program $1,600. Twelve hours and DMV drive test. (6 days total.)


Specificially supervised by a Pro. Certified CA State Drive-Test Specialist.    

Driver's License Program $550. Two hours and DMV drive test. (1 day total.)


Instructions from a Pro. Certified CA State Accident-Prevention Specialist.

Defensive Driving Maximum Safety Program $750. Two hours. (1 day total).


Top Distinctions

A. National Collegiate Driver's Training and Education Programs.

B. Supreme dedication and commitment to our clients' success.

C. Achievements by discipline is our standard guaranteed quality.

Department of Motor Vehicle Occupational Licensing Division E4598.

Ashton Insurance Agency Surety Bond Consumer Business Protection.

United Financial Casualty Commercial Accident and Liability Coverage.


Elm Lake Pro. Center. 416 V Street Unit 1. SAC, CA 95818.

Cash, check or money order: Absolute Best Driving School.

Training 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily in SAC and nearby cities.


EST. 2005 in SAC. DrivingBible@AOL.com

Read ABDS: Sacbee News Article.

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