Absolute Best Driving School

California Vehicle Code 310.6

Contact Number: (916) 804-3313


Professional State Certified by California DMV, no. E4598.

Official Surety Bond Protection by Ashton Insurance Agency, no. 61609717

Commercial Auto Accident Coverage by United Financial Casualty, no. 04031570-0.



Rules and Regulations


We provide pick-up and drop-off services

at our client's residence or designated locations.


Complete all sessions immediately or space

them out accordingly over a period of a year.

2 hours maximum per session, per day.


We provide our company's Honda Fit

student-driver vehicle.  It is equipped

with an instructor dual brake.

California Vehicle Code Law: Division 5,

Chapter 1, Section 11102 (a).


Teens are required by law to do at least the

"Standard Program," 6 hours of training total.

California Vehicle Code Law: Division 6, Chapter 1,

Article 3, Section 12814.6 (a), (3), and (C).


Adults may chose any suitable options or

customize their own professional training.


Please contact us for additional services and prices,

if you have special needs, if you have questions,

if you need to be walked through a process or

in need of detailed clarifications regarding DMV,

laws, rules, regulations, or any driving related issues.


Legal and Education

References & Cited Sources


1.  California Vehicle Code Laws.

2.  California Code of Regulations.

3.  California Government Code.

4.  California Education Code.

5.  DMV Driver Education Curriculum (OL234).

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7.  Driving School Program Handbook (OL210).

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9.  Parent-Teen Training Guide Handbook (DL603).

10.  Senior Guide for Safe Driving Handbook (DL625).




Programs and Prices


Division 1A


Section 1.  Standard Program $450.

6 hours of training (3 days total, payments of $150.)


Section 2.  Special Program $550.

8 hours of training and DMV drive test (4 days total).


Section 3.  VIP Program $650. 

12 hours of training and DMV drive test (6 days total).


Division 1B


Section 1.  Student-Transfer Program $200.

Complete all remaining sessions with us,

regardless of initial start-up or signed-up driving school.

Training by: Pro Certified Traffic-Safety Expert (PCT-SE).

(2 hours per session, per day.)


Section 2.  Special Re-Trained Program $500.

Licensed teens who were not properly trained

or licensed adults who were not professionally trained.

Training by: Pro Certified Traffic-Safety Expert (PCT-SE).

(4 hours of training, 2 days total).


Section 3.  Defensive Driver's Safety Program $1,000.

Get your teens officially certified in a Professional

Life-Saving Driver's Training Program (PL-SDT).

2 days of vehicle training and home-seminar.

(6 hours, 3 days total.)


Division 2


Section 1.  DMV Standard Program $300.

1 hour of training and DMV drive test.


Section 2.  DMV Special Program $400.

4 hours of training and DMV drive test (2 days total).


Section 3.  DMV VIP Program $500.

6 hours of training and DMV drive test (3 days total).


Division 3


Section 1.  Standard Edition Program $1,500. 

20 hours of training and unlimited DMV drive tests.

(10 days total.)


Section 2.  Special Edition Program $3,000. 

50 hours of training and unlimited DMV drive tests.

(25 days total).


Division 4


Section 1.  Corporate S.I.I. Program $575,000.

Risk Management, Accident Prevention, and

Defensive Driving. (S.afety I.ntegration I.nvestment)


Risk management and accident prevention mindset

behind-the-wheel training (day 1) and

Defensive driving drills (day 2).


We only train your top person (s), and thus they train everyone else in your corporation or company.


Section 2.  Corporate S.D.H. Program $975,000.

An exhaustive review and analysis of your company's

training policy, procedures, and practices.

(S.tructure, D.ivision, & H.armony)


We mastermind and implement a systematic and

methodical proven successful working formula known as C.C. (C.lass & C.onviction). 3 business days total.



Policy and Procedures


Methods of Payment:


1.  Cash

2.  Money order.

3.  Cashier check.

4.  Personal check.

5. Company's check.


Payable to "Absolute Best Driving School."

We do not accept credit cards.


We issue our clients: 


1.  Two forms of receipts per transaction.

2.  DMV driver's training completion certificate (DL 400D).

3.  Defensive driver's training completion certificate.


Classic Standards


We provide our clients with the followings (accordingly):


1.  "System of Success" study chart.

2.  "Driving Topics" study sheet.

3.  "Driving Definitions" study sheet.

4.  "Illustrative Maneuvers" study sheets.

5.  "Defensive Driving" evaluation and study sheets.

6.  "DMV Test Preparation" study sheets.

7.  "Illustrative DMV Test Preparation" study sheet.

8.  "Driving Refinements" evaluation and study sheets.

9.  "Certified Logged Hours" document sheets.

10. Individual, in-depth analysis and self-reflective critical evaluation "Letter of Statement" (2-5 pages, single space), personally typed by Mr. Tran.


Distinguishing Differential Equation


Our definition of love: "An aspiration that combines perfect patience, full acceptance, and simple joy to positively benefit all people, things, and situations throughout time." This is the beauty of our existence. It is that which begins and ends in harmony. "Born to love."


"Everything is mind." Through this door, there are things not yet imagined and treasures not yet uncovered. It is the flame that still sparks in a dark world, which is uncolored with fears and uncertainties. To know is to understand. To understand is to be in "heaven."


"Proceed with mind." The studying of our classic-standard materials (which are listed above and authored by Mr. Tranis the most intelligent approach in order to establish structure, patience, and mindfulness when operating a motor vehicle. What we have, we thought. A ruined mind, a ruined life.


"To think and then to do." Based on nearly two decades of instructing, researching and observing, studying is far more important than the act of driving itself--thus, the beginning of conviction, which is the foundation and starting point of any and all success in life. With it, anything is possible.



OFFICE LOCATION: Elm Lake Professional Building. 416 V Street, Suite 1. Sacramento, CA 95818. (By appointment only.)                       

SERVICE AREAS: Sacramento county, Yolo county, and California (Galt, Lodi, Roseville, Folsom, and San Francisco bay areas).

BEHIND-THE-WHEEL DRIVER'S TRAINING HOURS: Monday thru Sunday, 5:00 AM to 7:00 PM. 

NEWS ARTICLE: Read the Sacramento Bee of our humble beginning. 

HISTORY: ABDS was established 2005 in Sacramento.

CONTACT NUMBER: Call or text (916) 804-3313.

EMAIL: Drivingbible@AOL.com. WEBSITE UPDATE: 2019.