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It is the most important responsibility and it is the highest duty to keep our clients and their family safely protected through meticulous defensive driving rules and procedures. No shortcuts. No exceptions.

This sole purpose is our dedicated discipline. Mr. Tran, Director of Operations


Rules and Regulations

The law requires minors to do 6 hours training. Adults may chose any suitable options. Complete all sessions immediately or space them out accordingly over a period of 6 to 12 months. (2-hour training per day.) Pick-up and drop-off services at your residence or designated locations. Sessions are conducted in our student-driver vehicle. It is equipped with an industrial standard safety dual-brake.


Vehicle Training Programs

Training by a Pro. Certified State of California Traffic-Safety Expert.                      

Section 1. Standard Program $840. Six hours training. (3 days total.) Payments of $280.

Section 2. Special Program $2,200. Sixteen hours training and DMV drive test. (8 days total.)

Section 3. VIP Program $3,900. Thirty hours training and DMV drive test. (15 days total.)


DMV Drive Test Programs

Specifically supervised by a Pro. Certified State of California Drive-Test Specialist.    

Section 1. DMV Standard Program $750. Two hours training and DMV drive test. (1 day total.)

Section 2. DMV Special Program $1,400. Four hours training and DMV drive test. (2 days total.)


ABDS Top Distinctions

A. Professional Certified State of California Defensive Driver's Education Expert.

B. Professional Certified State of California Accident-Prevention Specialist.

C. National Collegiate Driver's Training Education Programs.

D. Supreme dedication and commitment to our clients' success.

E. Achievements by discipline is our highest good and value.


Occupational Licensing Division. California Department of Motor Vehicle no. E4598.

Surety Bond Consumer Business Protection. Ashton Insurance Agency no. 61609717

Commercial Accident and Liability Coverage. United Financial Casualty no. 04031570-0. 


Elm Lake Professional Building. 416 V Street Unit 1. Sacramento, CA 95818. *Appointment only. 

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Vehicle training 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily. Serving Sacramento and nearby cities.


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