Absolute Best Driving School

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Legal Authority

State of California, Vehicle Code 310.6


Director of Programs and Operations

Mr. Tran


Occupational Licensing Division, California Department of Motor Vehicle no. E4598.

Surety Bond Consumer Business Protection, Ashton Insurance Agency no. 61609717

Commercial Accident and Liability Coverage, United Financial Casualty no. 04031570-0.                                                                                                                             




Teens are required by law to do at least the

"Standard Program," 6 hours of training total.


Adults may chose any suitable options or

customize their own professional training.


Complete all sessions immediately or space

them out accordingly over a period of a year.


2-hour vehicle training session per day only.


We provide pick-up and drop-off services

at our client's residence or designated locations.


We provide our company's Honda Fit

student-driver vehicle: Equipped with an

industrial standard safety dual-brake.


Cash or check to: Absolute Best Driving School.

416 V Street Unit no 1. Sacramento, CA 95818

*By appointment only* DrivingBible@AOL.com.


Servicing Sacramento and surrounding areas.

Vehicle training from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Established 2005 in Sacramento.


Read about our story in the

Sacramento Bee Newspaper.


Vehicle Training Programs


Training by a Professional CA State

Certified Traffic-Safety Expert.                       


Section 1.  Standard Program $600.

6 hours of training (3 days total, payments of $200).


Section 2.  Special Program $1,000.

10 hours of training and DMV drive test (6 days total).


Section 3.  VIP Program $1,500

16 hours of training and DMV drive test (9 days total).


Drive Test Programs


Specifically supervised by a Pro. Certified

State of California Drive-Test Specialist.    


Section 1.  DMV Standard Program $675.

1 hour of training and DMV drive test. (1 day total).


Section 2.  DMV Special Program $975.

4 hours of training and DMV drive test (2 days total).






ABDS Philosophy


Our definition of love: "An aspiration that combines perfect patience, full acceptance, and simple joy to positively benefit all people, things, and situations throughout time." This is the beauty of our existence. It is that which begins and ends in harmony.


"Everything is mind." Through this door, there are things not yet imagined and treasures not yet uncovered. It is the flame that sparks in a dark world, which is uncolored with fears and uncertainties. To know is to understand.


Studying is superior to driving. This is based on two decades of teaching. Conviction is the foundation and starting point of all success. It resides in the mind.


ABDS Mantras


1. A thru Z Professional Expert Service and Commitment.

2. 1st Rated World-Class Listening Gold Star Company.

3. Leave it to a CA State Certified Traffic-Safety Specialist.

4. Dedicated to our clients' success.

5. Discipline always wins.

6. Patience is the answer.

7. Confidence is forever.

8. Integrity is the way.

9. Loyalty is everything.

10. Plain never explains.